Fly Free

Steel Hal's

The voidbane slab has sent us straight down to the flaming sky. Running low on supplies we wouldn’t last long. Luckily we noticed a small disc like platform above the fires. As we pulled in, a dock formed for us to land. We were greeted by a group of dwarves including Steel Hal himself. He brought us all in and provided food and drink. We sat and discussed fixing our ship. He agreed but we would have to do work to pay him off.

The injured part of the party saw the medic and were cared for. The drakin was unable to be helped. We think his injuries may be of the supernatural nature. I went to speak with Creon back the the ship about the matter. Once again he was very vague. I attempted to speak to the drakin via magic. With no response. Creon informed me that the creatures tongue had been cut out before he was found. The past of this creature concerned me. I had to know more. I decided to look into his surface thoughts, just to be able to communicate with him. The horrifying screams bombarded my mind. Torture and agony. And then Creon’s voice saying, “Let’s get you out of here!” The mind link broke causing me to hit the ground grasping my head. I stumbled out and back to my quarters completely drained.

After a few days of sending Ereden down into the Hellforge to help out, Hal noticed something was wrong in the station. Their supply of ogre ale was missing two barrels. Hal explained that this had been happening for the last month or so. About the time that skylers started appearing in numbers around the area. Hal made us a proposal. If we find out where the barrels have been going, he would give us a large discount on the repairs. And if we brought any back, it would be even better.

Closer inspection of the storage shows that the door from the storage to the outside was completely broken. And a small island floating in the distance had a longboat docked at it. We packed up and sailed to the rock. Inside we found two devourers feasting on ale and the dwarves animals. Prim, Ereden’s friend, stepped forward to demend the return of the stolen property. Needless to say they thought dinner had walked in the door. They stepped forward to feast. Ereden rushed up to protect him. Prim ended up getting grabbed by one of their tongues. I fired an arrow hitting the devourer in the head, allowing Prim to escape. Flicker took this moment to roll one of the barrels towards the exit bit the other monster saw him and attacked. In an attempt to help, Arron fired but her gun exploded injuring her. Flicker was grabbed and was about to be the monsters next meal. The first devourer vomited acid at Ereden and Prim. Ereden was able to avoid it but Prim was covered and badly burned. I lit the tip of my arrow on fire and took aim. I let it fly and it was a direct hit. It caused the alcohol in the devourer to ignite causing him to explode.

The explosion caused a chain reaction. The barrels of ale started exploding as we ran for the exit. The remaining devourer, Flicker in his mouth, was rocketed across the room towards the exit. This allowed him to escape. As we ran out, we were greeted by Holly. She came to assist us. She casually tossed in an explosive to finish off the last devourer.

We took the barrel and the longboats back to Steel Hal’s. Hal and his crew were extremely grateful. They cut the cost of our repairs in half for us to pay at a later date. They even included some modifications and a new gun for Arron. We asked about a location we could sail to and Hal brought us to his navigation room. Inside was a few bowls of dirt for locations he frequently travels to for supplies. We decided to travel to the island of Plenty. Creon says there is a talented medic that can help the drakin. So we set sail for the Isle of Plenty.



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