Fly Free

Operation Fly Free

Bitter sweet fortune has struck. The ship Progenitor was attacked on it’s journey to Heartland and crash landed on a small island. The crash caused a large gash in the hull on the lower decks where the wildlings were stored. They were able to escape with little injury. The Captain and his men engaged in pursuit to recapture his prisoners. They moved into a large abandoned structure in hopes to find an alternate route off the island. Scouting the area I sighted a Voidhulk stranded on a large broken pillar on the other side of the island. It could be our way out! I followed the group into the structure where they were ambushed by the voiders. The captain showed his true colors by abandoning his men, running straight past me without noticing. The two sides clashed killing some of the captains men and all the voiders. I chose now to reveal myself by incinerating the last of the voiders about to attack the captain’s first mate. Have to make a good impression after all. Oddly enough, a glowborn man was with the group. Along with the champion arena fighter Ereden. I must investigate them further.

After freeing Flicker and Arron from their chains, I explained that we needed to move to the Voidhulk on the other side of this structure. The captain ever so bravely returned once the battle was over. But before we could start moving we were sighted by another voider. Bounding towards us and shrieking loudly, it awoke a large drake inside the caves. The drake quickly dispatched the creature giving us a chance to move around to cover. The one known as Flicker has taken command of the wildlings, giving them orders to rise up against the Captain’s men and seize their weapons. I can see why we need this wildling.

From our new vantage point, we could see the broken pillar the voidhulk was stranded on. The pillar made a ramp on the other side of this cave. Upon closer inspection, We found a large group of voiders on the ramp. We would be vastly outnumbered if taken head on. I had to think of another way. I needed to get the drake to notice them and attack. I used my magic to cause an explosion of sound in the middle of the voiders. Deafening them and even causing some to fall off to their deaths. It worked a little too well. Seven drakes were now awakened and ravaging the voiders! This gave us ample time to scale the side of the wall to the top of the ramp. We could take the ship and escape. But the Captain would reseize control and take the ship to Heartland. I couldn’t let that happen. On the climb up the ramp, I ignited the rope when I reached the top, leaving the Captain and his men stranded. We made our way to the ship.

It was abandoned. The previous captain beheaded at the wheel. Flicker sprung into action, seizing the wheel and getting us airborne. All seemed to have gone well. Until the hatch to the cargo bay slid open. A man rose out laughing. Clearly mad. As well and two giant hands, grabbing the sides of the hatch. The monster lifted itself out. The man was on the back of a gigantic war hammer wielding ogre. Ereden charged the ogre. Only to be slammed to the ground by the hammer, breaking most of his ribs. It was time to unleash Carnifir. He lunged at the ogre as I readied my bow and sunk an arrow into the mad man’s shoulder. The shot didn’t even phase him. The glowborn man drew a blunderbuss and fired. Taking out a large chunk of the ogre’s side. The mad man riding the ogre promptly slid down to the wound and magically started to mend it. Flicker handed the wheel over to Arron to join the fray. He knocked the mad man off, knocking him out. Surprisingly Ereden fought through his wounds, landing hard hits, severely wounding the ogre. But he just would not fall. We all fought hard and finally vanquished the monster.

After tossing the unconscious mad man overboard, we searched the ship for any more survivors. We found a locked door near the stern of the ship. I unlocked the door and Ereden took a look inside. A fire ball flies out narrowly missing Ereden and myself. A man was standing inside the room ready to defend himself. We talked him down explaining we had eradicated the voiders on the ship. He didn’t say very much about himself or what he was doing there. He did show us a chosen drakin that was badly injured, and behind him was a blue crystal hovering over a brazier. He told us he needed to get to the nearest populated island to get him medical attention. He showed Flicker a voidbane slab. And told him to handle it and attune to the waysphere. He did so and we set off to an unknown destination.



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